Do you need international or domestic air freight transportation solutions?
In addition to standard international and domestic air freight capabilities, we can address your specialized freight requirements. Our air freight experts will work side by side with you and your logistics team to understand your air freight transportation challenges and provide a cost-effective solution.
We will assess your worldwide air freight transit time requirements and provide the best solution to address your air cargo shipment needs. We can offer express, standard and deferred air service.
At Nautica Shipping, we are TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) approved, enabling us to offer a full array of compliant air cargo and air freight forwarding solutions with innovative technology to support your air freight tracking.


Charter Flights:

Regardless of the size or weight of your air freight shipments, we can deliver your cargo worry-free to its final destination.


Time Critical:

With a sense of urgency, our time-critical air freight teams will ensure your cargo will arrive safely on time to your desired location.Hand Carry Logistics: For urgent time sensitive air freight shipments, we can arrange domestic and international hand carry cargo services.


Temperature Controlled:

For products that require a controlled climate using temperature-controlled air freight cargo containers, cargo-hold placement, and temperature monitoring, we can ensure temperature stability for your air freight transportation.